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We are excited to bring solutions to those parents who are concerned about their children progressing vision.

Is MYOPIA epidemic? 65% of children must wear glasses, which can affect their ability to stay active not to mention increased risk for retinal detachment and glaucoma later with age.

This alarming observation is most likely attributed to increase use of hand held devices such as iPads, cell phones or computers. Supportive studies and research proves that NIGHT TIME VISION THERAPY known as Orthokeratology can drastically slow down Myopia progression.

Most of those children who wore those lenses for 10 years progressed no more than 0.5 diopter.

This website is dedicated to those who are interested or have questions regarding Nighttime Corneal Reshaping known as Orthokeratology.

This page is intended for those who would like to learn more about orthokeratology.

What is Ortho-K ?

OrthoK is shorthand for orthokeratology. OrthoK is a FDA approved vision...