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In our clinic, we care for the health and well-being of our patients with passion and commitment. We are satisfied with opinions that confirm our effectiveness and professionalism. Thanks to highly qualified specialists and modern medical equipment, we can provide patients with comprehensive care of the highest standard. The positive opinions of our patients motivate us to further improve our services and ensure their complete satisfaction.

We thank our patients for their trust and encourage others to use our services.


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My daughter Nina was 7 years old when she first started wearing glasses. We were very distressed as her eyesight continued to deteriorate. She was afraid to go to the ophthalmologist, afraid that each time she would find out that her defect was getting worse. Indeed, Nina’s defect was growing very quickly. We had to do something to stop the disease from progressing. On the recommendation of Dr. Szewczyk, we decided to try corneal refractive therapy. At first it required several visits to the ophthalmologist, but we are very pleased with the result. Nina is happy that she no longer has to wear glasses, and most importantly – her defect has stopped growing!

Nina’s mother


Natalia’s vision impairment progressed so quickly that we had to take some action to stop it. Natalia is my daughter and she felt responsible for her sight and eyes. Without hesitation, we decided to undergo corneal refractive therapy. Natalia was very confident in this decision. She wanted to get rid of her glasses as soon as possible, as they interfered with her dancing and playing sports.
The first nights were very stressful. She had trouble putting on and taking off her lenses before bed. Her vision didn’t improve at first, so she had to wear glasses or regular contact lenses during the day. It had a major defect, so we knew we would have to wait a while for the results. Dr. Szewczyk assured us that this was a normal process. Now we know it was worth the wait. Her eyesight is perfect! It’s amazing! Natalia doesn’t even want to hear about glasses anymore. We managed to correct her vision using ortho lenses, and now we are working on her teeth. Multiple studies have shown that CRT lenses inhibit the progression of myopia in children.

Natalia’s mother


My son Jakub started wearing night lenses in March. We love the results. Jakub is a very active child and now he can play sports without any problems without having to worry about breaking or losing his glasses. I am satisfied because the defect is not progressing. At the beginning there were minor learning difficulties, but the Ideal Eye Care staff was very helpful. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, we are very pleased that Jakub can function normally during the day and not worry about his glasses. I definitely recommend therapy to all children.

Kasia P.

Kim P.

I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old. I must admit that I have always hated them. As soon as I found out about corneal refractive therapy, I was very excited. I immediately decided to talk about this option with my parents, who were interested in the new technology. However, I was afraid that due to my astigmatism it would not be possible. We decided on Dr. Sylwia Szewczyk on the recommendation of friends. The whole experience was amazing. The doctor knows her stuff and is great at what she does. I haven’t worn glasses for a year. I couldn’t be happier. I have always been involved in gymnastics, and glasses have always bothered me.

Kim P.

Sean W.

I love not wearing glasses!!!!!! This is amazing !!!!!! I could see clearly the first day after using them. Now when I swim I can see perfectly. Thank you Dr. Szewczyk.

Sean W.


Dominic started wearing glasses at the age of seven. Our son likes to play sports and is generally a very active child. His glasses interfered with his ability to play and play sports. He broke them constantly. Unfortunately, his eyesight was getting worse every year. Dr. Szewczyk recommended Ortho-k lenses. We were afraid that Dominic wouldn’t be able to put them on. However, to our surprise, after just a few days he was up to the task and easily put the lenses on himself before going to bed and took them off in the morning. Dominic is 9 years old and has been using Ortho-k lenses for 4 months. We are very satisfied with the medical care of Dr. Shoemaker. However, the happiest is definitely Dominic, who can finally see clearly and can enjoy practicing his favorite sports without having to worry about glasses. Thank you!

Gosia M.

Peter S.

Znajomy powiedział mi o soczewkach korygujących wzrok. Pomyślałem, że to świetny pomysł. Od razu porozmawiałem z moją mamą, która wzięła mnie do Dr. Szewczyk. Doktor dopasowała mi soczewki i pokazała jak o nie dbać. Mój wzrok jest o stokroć lepszy, chociaż musieliśmy kilka razy wymieniać soczewki, żeby dojść do takich rewelacyjnych rezultatów. Teraz mogę pływać i w końcy wszystko widzę!

Peter S.


I was very concerned about my son’s deteriorating eyesight because my husband has very poor eyesight. At the age of 9, Jakub’s defect reached -6.00D and we couldn’t wait any longer. We had to do something. Dr. Szewczyk told us that research has confirmed that this new technology often slows and/or stops the development of myopia. We are happy that we decided on this type of technology. I recommend this option to all children who wear glasses. It’s a miracle! I still can’t believe my son can see everything without glasses. Thank you for saving my child’s eyesight.

Jakub’s mother